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Tala Loans is a well-established Micro Lending Company and opened its first office in Botswana, in 2005 in Francistown. Since 2005 Tala Loans opened 6 more offices in Botswana – Broadhurst Industrial, Lobatse, Molepolole, Mahalapye, Serowe and a 2nd office in Francistown. Tala Loans currently employs 19 permanent staff members, all of which are Botswana citizens.Tala Loans client focus and aim, is to do the word “Micro Lending” justice, by not borrowing large amounts of money to borrowers, which they will be unable to settle. Tala Loans strives to approve loans to borrowers, which are within their ability to settle.

The repayment terms of Tala Loans is strictly one month. 
Some of the very loyal and long-time borrowers may request to pay their debt over 2 months or at the most 3 months. The approval of such longer-term repayments will depend on the risk of such loan, to the borrower and Tala Loans.
CAUTION:  Borrowing more than one can afford to repay could lead to severe financial difficulties.
Tala Loans interest rate is 20% per month on the loan amount only. There are no extra charges or hidden costs per month. 
Tala Loans will NEVER overcharge its clients and only charge a flat rate of P100-00 if borrowers fail to settle their loans after 2 months.

Failure to settle a loan contract within 90 days will however result in the loan contract being handed to Tala Loans Lawyers and Debt Collectors. TAKE NOTE:  Tala Loans cannot be held responsible for the legal fees that will be added to the loan balance if the loan contract of a default borrower is handed to the lawyers..
Tala Loans is committed to corporate social responsibility and when it is blessed by God, it will give and share with the community that is less fortunate.
​This commitment is truly reflected in examples where Tala Loans sponsored and contributed to sports and social events, community projects, school projects, school prize-giving ceremonies, the President’s housing projects etc.

Tala Loans believes it is a well-known, household name that can be trusted by all clients to provide fair loans to all within their ability to repay