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Legae Academy is an English Medium, independent, co-educational, secondary school located in Gaborone Botswana.

The Academy is a sister school to Legae English Medium Primary School which was established in 1983. The Academy follows the Cambridge International Exams syllabus, allowing students to sit for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) as well as the A-Level examination.

Mission Statement

Legae Academy’s mission is to provide affordable international education to all students, by consistently aiming for academic excellence. This education is holistic and globally competitive in its approach, aiming to nurture and empower all learners towards a better future.


Legae Academy’s core values are discipline, manners, work ethic and faithfulness. These values are encouraged and instilled upon all the learners, and we believe that they greatly impact on academic success.


In Legae Academy, we believe that all students, regardless of ethnic, economic or social background, deserve an affordable international education. Each child is treated as one of our own: they are equally valued and cared for. Legae Academy strives to provide a platform for all students to pursue a better future and to give hope.

This philosophy is based on the belief that all students can become successful learners and that there are no limitations to what students can accomplish at any age. We firmly believe that students come to school with diverse abilities, passions and skills. Our curriculum is carefully designed to engage students with a variety of learning styles. We are committed to encouraging each student to discover and develop his or her own strengths. Students are also taught to recognize those areas where they may need to review to master required skills and content. Legae Academy has a curriculum that accommodates teaching methods and topics for all grades.