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J. P. S Enterprises (Pty) Ltd was incorporated in 1986 to supply products, on a wholesale basis, to companies in Botswana.

Pro-Stationers (Pty) Ltd was purchased by the Directors of J. P. S Enterprises (Pty) Ltd in 2001 as a going concern with the aim of diversifying and expanding their business activities into the retail business.

Since then J. P. S (Pty) Ltd has scaled back it’s business activities and Pro-Stationers (Pty) Ltd has become the main focus and dominant company.

Both companies continue to operate with J. P. S Enterprises (Pty) Ltd playing an important supporting role to Pro-Stationers (Pty) Ltd. Together they form what will hereafter be called the Pro-Stationers Group.


From a humble beginning of P 400 000 stock and 4 employees the Pro-Stationers Group in 2001 has steadily grown into a mature Group of Companies with assets of over P 15 000 000 and 25 trained employees (all Botswana Citizens).



To continually improve on the quality of our Customer Service and build on our reputation for reliability and speedy delivery.

We take pride in the fast, efficient and friendly way our employees assist customers. A pleasurable “Shopping Experience”, is an essential ingredient in a successful business.


To distribute and sell the finest quality stationery, office supplies and specialized business machines. Constantly sourcing new, more durable products, which satisfy our customers changing requirements and offer the best value for money.

We take pride in the pre-sales and after-sales specialized knowledge our employees offer our customers. Selling “Solutions” to customers “Problems”, is an essential ingredient in a successful business.


To conduct our companies in an ethical and socially responsible way. In accordance with the rules, regulations and laws of Botswana.

A constructive healthy relationship with the broader society in which it operates, is an essential ingredient in a successful business.


To operate our companies in a sustainably profitable financial basis. Creating opportunities for: Expansion and Development; Increasing the value for stakeholders; Adding to the stability and career opportunities for employees.

Consistent sustainable growth, is an essential ingredient in a successful business.